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3 Types of Rooms You Can Create in Your Basement

Most homeowners will agree, the basement is a great addition to a house. Surprisingly, some owners underuse this area, missing out on converting possible dead space into a useful and fully functional extension of the house. There are just so many great basement ideas one can think of!

In this article, we’d like to explore the many different room-type arrangements you can have for your basement and how you can organize it in a way that will be most convenient for you.

Storage room

Having a storage room in the basement is one of the most popular basement remodelling ideas out there. And yet, in most houses, the basement is usually unfinished and underused. It is typically where all boxes, non-essential and miscellaneous items are stored, but in a messy way, so it is most often the least visited part of the house. 

Imagine instead having an organized room where you could have built-in storage options and shelves, a storage ottoman where you can keep all of your warm winter blankets and change bedding according to different seasons. If you’re an avid reader, you could have a bookshelf to organize your favourite book collection. If you have children that have already grown up, having a designated place to store all baby toys inside toy chests in the storage room could free up so much space in the house.

Home Theatre/Entertainment Room

A basement is usually a dark place and quite scary for children to spend their time there. We believe that the basement should be a fun and useful place. If you have a big family, the basement can be converted into a great entertainment room for family bonding time. You can set up a home theatre where you can enjoy quality time with your loved ones watching movies, listening to music, playing instruments or games.

Additional Bathroom

Building an additional bathroom in the basement is a quite recent idea that is getting more interest from homeowners. When you have a big family, one bathroom for all family members might not be enough, especially if you have your extended family visiting or guests staying overnight. An additional guest bathroom won’t hurt! You can go big on your basement remodelling project and surprise your guests with a chic, modern bathroom design. 

These are just the most popular basement remodelling ideas, but you will undoubtedly find more online. You can let your creativity run wild with your basement remodelling project and go as big as your investment allows you to. The more creative ideas you have and the more professional your contractors are, the bigger the property value and the chances to land a good deal on your house if you plan to sell it in the future. 

BCR Basements can help you realize your dream and turn your basement into an additional guest bathroom, or a storage or entertainment room with your own home theatre – whatever you wish. Providing basement remodelling services in Toronto, Markham and Durham regions, we are a trusted and experienced basement renovation contractor in the area. Get in touch by calling 647 774 4589 or via the contact form on our website. The website also features a basement cost calculator, a great tool to calculate your potential expenses.