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Elderly Parents? Why You Should Change Your Basement Into a Self-Contained Living Space!

With housing prices reaching all-time highs, it’s becoming difficult for people to afford multi-generational houses, not to mention the increasing fees of care homes! To make room for elderly parents, homeowners are finding that basement apartments provide a great solution to this ever-growing problem.

If you have been wasting your basement space all these years, it’s time to finally put it to use. With a basement renovation, you can convert your downstairs area into a self-contained living space your parents are guaranteed to love.

Read on to learn more about why a basement apartment can be a wise investment for both you and your loved ones.

Keeps Elderly Parents Safe:

During the past few decades, assisted living communities, memory care facilities, nursing homes, and other types of group housing have become hotbeds of contagious diseases — moving into one of these can be a great risk, especially during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

To keep your parents safe, consider investing in a basement renovation.  By living with their adult children, elders not only feel more comfortable and protected, but have the ability to spend more time with their family, all the while saving money that would have otherwise been wasted on a care home.

Cuts Back on Costs of Elderly Care:

Financial expenses are increasing every year. Just like everything else, retirement home fees are rising, too. In fact, the Canadian Medical Association recently estimated that within the next 10 years, the cost and demand for elder care will double!Building a basement apartment can ease future financial burdens on your family. As a faster and cheaper option, a “granny flat” can actually increase your property value and ensure you’re saving money down the road.

Better Quality of Living than Retirement Homes:

It can be frustrating for elders to be placed in the hands of a rotating staff that do not come to know them on a personal level. Family members find themselves repeating the same care instructions over and over again to no effect. Moving your parents to a finished basement apartment in your residence is the perfect solution to this problem.

By living with family members who better understand their individual needs, your parents will receive a level of comfort, care, and supervision that retirement homes cannot provide. Eventually, a “granny apartment” will see your parents happier, healthier, and able to share special family moments they would otherwise miss out on.

Hire Basement Renovation Specialists Today!

Build a basement apartment and let your vulnerable loved ones have a comfortable life in a cost-effective way. You don’t need to worry about the logistics; hire basement renovation specialists to do the job for you. BCR Basement Inc. can provide experts who will turn your basement into a self-contained apartment. Contact us today at (647) 774-4589 to get a quote, or get in touch with us online.