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If you’re one of those lucky people who own a basement in their home, then THUMBS UP! You have one of the most amazing canvases to paint a dream life habitat just beneath your ground floor. The basement is considered one of the finest infrastructure components in the real estate market. If you have a basement that means your home’s resale value increases to an extent of 13%.+

Now let’s discuss the renovation, recreation, or finishing your basement. It’s a filthy practice that people tend to allow their basement to be turned into a storeroom or beer spot. 

It’s not cool. You’re ruining a blessing in disguise by doing so. If you have a basement you should consider converting it into a gym, a home movie theater or something more creative. We have some ideas regarding the hottest trends in basement designs and basement remodels which you can see here.

The best way to get your basement finished is to hire a professional basement contractorIf you want to turn your basement into a wonderful living space, then working closely with a contractor tends to make this a worthwhile endeavor.


Professional Basement contractors have been around for a long time. They have experience and understand all the necessities of a basement finishing. You will find over time you need a professional for the exact finishing design you’re thinking about, and those who attempt to go it alone just to save some dollars quickly find themselves over budget.

Trying to save your money by using your unskilled thoughts and measurements will get you nothing but embarrassment in the future. To make your basement’s recreation count, you must hire a professional basement finishing company.

BCR Basements Inc. provides the best solutions for unused and wasted basements and turns them into beautiful and functional spaces. You can visit and check out the latest basement designs of BCR Basements Inc. to find out how we work here. We’d love to make your basement finishing experience worth remembering. 


This is a frequently asked question by our clients who are thinking of finishing their basement to increase the livable square footage of their home. This is a variable note depending upon the size, type, area, and demand of the basement. An average cost to finish a basement lies between $35 and $70+ per square foot.

However, this number can rise or fall significantly depending upon the square footage of space, the material used, the extent of plumbing and electrical work, waterproofing costs and special woodworking.

You must look around for different basement finishing companies before signing one specific basement contractor for the job, and the only thing you have to keep in your mind is Price to Quality ratio, because if it is cheap and not of quality then you will end up ruining your resources and money. 

This small prep is important but guess what? Search no more! Look out for our fee plans and quality. We’re sure that you’ll love our offers, ideas, and services, as this is something, we specialize in.


One of the things you should know is that the govt. has some strict rules and regulations regarding constructions and the basement is one of the most frequently checked parts of your home. Don’t hire a company with invalid legal standing or non-licensed status. This is your only chance to start and finish your basement remodeling, so try not to get it ruined by some amateurs just because they are easily accessible and less costly. The quality matters, and a certified licensed company is a must when working on your basement. 

At BCR Basements we offer you the best team of licensed and certified professionals who make our work worth mentioning to your peers and we’ll provide you with all the legal bounded work scenarios which you would love to take for making this country great.


Well getting an outsider’s nose out of your work would be job #1 LOL.

  • Ask your contractor to install waterproofing mechanisms to help protect your basement from moisture damage.
  • Leave space between the floor and the bottom of the drywall to prevent the irreversible water damage.
  • Try making a normal size luxurious sit and sleep suite which could be used as a guest room for your friends, relatives, In-Laws, Courtesy takers or anyone eligible enough to stay there.
  • Determine where the HVAC vents will go and leave a space for them in the drywall. Windows can act as a natural light gateway and if you have plans to add a bedroom in your basement, a window can act as an emergency exit as well.
  • Make sure to inspect the utility room and ventilation for the chances of Carbon monoxide buildup as this could be fatal. 

With BCR Basements Inc. you wouldn’t have to mention any of this stuff. We’d make your basement as sophisticated and state of the art as you dreamt of and you would love the completed work the very first time you inspected it.


Hiring a basement contractor is important at two points: 

  • On the very start when you build a basement
  • Before selling your home for better ROI

When you build a home, you want it to be perfect but from time to time you meet people who may solicit wild ideas when you ask them for their suggestions on how to you would make improvements to better treat your floors, walls and even paint color of your home, but you often skip one thing, having your basement remodeled by a professional.

This is where you’re mistaken, and you could lose the glamor of your hidden suite just because of a minor mistake. Try to hire a competent basement specialist who could make you proud by turning your dusty basement into a blushing new drawing room or a party house.

Finishing a basement can come with some fair shape of frustrations, but if you do it right the finished product will bring a new life to your unused area. It will add value to your home in both ways – The better resale value of your home and an increased livable space without building an addition. 


For further assistance, you can contact us here. We’d love to help you in the most effective way possible.