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Move Over Man Cave, Let’s Talk About the “Ma’am Cave”

2020 has seen most of us spend much more time than usual at home. Working, painting, writing the next great novel, exercising, chillaxing… you name it. Our homes have become our sanctuaries, our gyms, our offices, our movie theatres and much, much more. But for those of us who haven’t had a dedicated room to get any of these things done, this year has likely called upon many of us to reconsider our home design. The “man cave” has long-since been known as a personal room dedicated to the man (or boys) of the house. “Man caves” are typically furnished to allow men to unwind after a long day at work, to practice his own personal hobbies or to spend quality time with his pals.

But since it’s 2020, who says men get to have all the fun? Men aren’t the only ones who deserve having their own sacred space in the home. It’s time to move over, guys — ladies need a space of their own, too! What is a “ma’am cave”? Enter the trend of what we like to call the “ma’am” cave. Other popular names for this type of sanctuary include “lady lounge”, “dame dome” and “she-shed” — but you get the hint! Ladies need a place to hang out, de-stress, have a quiet retreat to work or catch up on some quality “me-time”, too. If your next basement renovation project includes turning your space into the ultimate hideout, workspace or relaxation retreat for the ladies, we have you covered. Let’s go over some of our best ideas when it comes to ,,room decor for women, to help you figure out the best layout plan for your interior space.

Must-Have Decorations When it comes to room decor ideas for women, there are a plethora of different ideas — and no set rules as to how her sacred space should be constructed. A “ma’am cave” doesn’t necessarily have to be pink and girly — the main goal is that it offers the right kind of respite for ladies to feel relaxed, inspired or productive. While we encourage all ladies to be as creative as possible in mapping out the layout of their “ma’am cave”, here are some must-have items that shouldn’t be missed when coming up with the right decor plan: Ample Lighting Ensuring that the right mood or vibe is captured in your space should be rule number-one. Whether your room is set to be a place to work, relax, work out or hang out with friends, the lighting is what will ultimately set the tone.

Consider brighter lighting if you want to turn your basement space into an office space, or perhaps invest in some string lights for a dreamy, relaxing aesthetic that’s perfect for meditating, painting or sipping a glass of Chardonnay after a long day. Whatever your theme is — getting the lighting right is key! Complementary Artwork Adding artwork to the walls of your next “ma’am cave” will add the right finishing touch and make the room truly feel like “your” space. However, whichever pieces you choose to hang on the walls should always complement the space’s theme and aesthetic.

If you’re looking to turn your space into an at-home office, consider less noisy artwork that will make the space appear larger. Or if your plan is to turn your cave into your own personal studio, perhaps more colourful, thought-provoking pieces will encourage your creative side. Wall Organization Regardless of the overall theme of your “ma’am cave”, you’ll want your space to feel like a retreat where you can escape the daily stressors that lie outside of the room. Therefore, you’ll want to ensure that any decorations, items and nic-nacs are assembled in a way that makes the space feel open and secure. Equipping your space with proper wall organization will help you achieve this — this can include both large or small shelving units, pegboards or even cute wall shelves that serve as decorations themselves. Five-Star Comfy Seating Again — regardless of your theme, having a comfortable couch or chair for either you or your visitors to relax will make or break your space. Whether it’s a big, leather-bound couch, floor pillows or a top-of-the-line ergonomic chair, investing in a quality place to sit should always be on the top of your list. Theme Ideas Wondering which “theme” or designated purpose to assign to your “ma’am cave”? Some popular ,,room themes for women may include:

Office Workspace Having an open, airy space to WFH has never been more important than it has become this year. Whether you’re planning to return to the office down the line or permanently keep your job at home, women all over the world are considering turning their “ma’am cave” into a safe office retreat. Consider filling an office workspace with bright lights, lots of shelving and a neutral colour scheme for increased focus. Studio Ladies who feel like they can’t zone into their creative projects and need an interior escape can do so by turning their “ma’am cave” into a she-studio. This can become the ultimate productive space for artists, writers, designers or musicians. A studio space can be anything you want it to be — but for starters, we suggest suitable lighting, quality furniture and any decorations that might add a special flair. Fitness Room Having a room solely dedicated to working out is a great way to feel motivated to exercise — not to mention that having a work-out room in the home can provide excellent benefits for one’s mental and physical health. A great fitness room might include minimal furniture to allow for any essential equipment, as well as ample lighting that’ll help you feel more energized. Relaxation Retreat If you’ve ever dreamed of having a space that’ll help you unwind after a long day, catch up on your favourite Netflix series or hang out with a few pals, giving your “ma’am cave” this theme might be your best bet. For this theme, we suggest lots of comfy seating, ambient lighting, candles and support for home electronics. Contact BCR Basements Today Need help putting together your next “ma’am cave” and transforming your basement space into the ultimate ladies’ retreat? At BCR Basements, we are your go-to experts for all basement refinishing projects in the GTA. To learn more about how we can help you with your next basement transformation project, call us at 647-774-4589 or ,,fill out our contact form today!