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Here, we present you our top 10 basement renovation ideas with their respective selling points because, who knows, you may need some ammo to convince your significant other. If you’re looking for more basement renovation ideas, we suggest you visit our basement ideas page on Reno-Inspiration to see real-life basement renovation design examples – as well as their price tags! 

Once you’ve figured out your basement’s purpose, start planning what you’d like to get done. Good planning is always critical for a successful basement renovation.

Basement renovation ideas to Consider: 

1. Home Theater

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Home Theater

A classic for basements, home theatres can satisfy the entire family – which is partly why they are so popular. Seeing as a home theatre is relatively dark, consider getting some architectural lighting installed on the ceiling to really emphasize the movie-going experience. Be sure to also add carpeting so that sound doesn’t travel too far. A new home theatre will allow the gentlemen to watch hockey games, while the children and the ladies can enjoy movies in a theatre-like atmosphere! Escape your day-to-day life by fully immersing yourself into what you’re watching.

2. Wine Cellar

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Wine Cellar

Love wine? How would you feel about forgetting the day you just had in a wonderful wine cellar to savour your favourite bottle with a significant other? A wine cellar would surely be the chosen gathering space for wine-aficionados. You could also choose to install a wine rack if the space is too small. Note that there are many elements to consider when building a wine cellar, including insulation, ventilation, lighting, etc. Take a look at our wine cellar page to see what steps you should take

3. Home Bar

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Home Bar

A bar at home? What a great addition to the wine cellar or wine rack! Putting a bar in the basement provides a great space to host guests – and maybe try your hand at mixology. Enjoy some unforgettable times with friends and family in this space. Get inspired by the differently styled bars above. Whether it has a more futuristic look, be traditional-looking, or have a sports-bar theme, you can make your bar look any way you like!  Dinner parties and gatherings just got a little more interesting.

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4. Children’s Game Room

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Game Room

The basement can be the perfect space for your little ones to have fun, and keep all their scattered toys in one place. They can have hours of fun, rain or shine! Install custom storage with shelves for books and board games, and closed cabinets for lesser-used toys. Whether your basement turns into an arts and crafts room, a basketball court, a gaming room, or anything else, is all up to you! Rainy days will no longer be the same.

5.Living Room

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Living room

More often than not, the main floor living room is used mostly as a relaxing reading corner. If well soundproofed, the basement is the ideal place for a living room – allowing you to be comfy and watch your favourite movies, or even to spend some quality family time. Adding a fireplace will only add to the comfort of this space! Who wouldn’t want to warm themselves up while enjoying a nice glass of wine during winter months? As for the basement’s decor, mix and match different styles – matching furniture is no longer in style. 

6. Adult Game Room

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Adults Game Room

Adults have the right to have fun too! A basement with a pool table, ping pong table or a dartboard can give off an entertaining atmosphere to your space. As the kids get older, they’ll also be able to enjoy the space. You’ll be able to create unforgettable moments with your friends and family

7. Home Gym

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Home Gym

Opt for an effective and accessible workout by dedicating a corner of your basement to a home gym and say farewell to expensive gym memberships. With a small investment, you’ll be surprised at what you can accomplish. Begin by buying a few free weights, an exercise ball, a yoga mat, an elastic band, and the room will have already begun taking shape. Purchasing more fitness equipment afterwards is also a possibility, such as a stationary bike, and exercise bench, or even a treadmill.

Complement your home gym by installing a large mirror, shelving to place some rolled towels, books on weight lifting, and why not get a small refrigerator to keep bottled water. Installing a wall-mounted TV nearby is also a good idea for viewing fitness videos or simply as additional entertainment. Consider using an Apple TV system that lets you enjoy content from your favourite apps e.g. iTunes, Netflix, Sportsnet, etc.

And to stay motivated, you might consider putting a mural of motivational quotes on your wall. They’ll encourage you on days where you just don’t feel like working out. 

All you’ll need to do now is throw on some sportswear and a pair of sneakers.