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Today, for many of us, discussing with our parents and in-laws where they would like to live in the future has become a real conversation. If you and your relatives decide that co-habitation works out to be the best option, consider adding the following features to your renovated in-law suite. SAFETY The highest priority should be that the new space for the live-in parent must be safe. Consider the configuration of the stairs, railings and possibly even stairlifts as an important feature. Building codes vary; however, there will be stringent fire safety and emergency exit requirements. Best to consult a professional designer to ensure a safe basement environment for your loved ones.

PRIVACY Privacy is one of the most important things to consider when deciding to renovate your basement into an in-law suite. A home that creates private spaces for each generation can make the transition to a new living space much easier for everyone. Soundproofing is a great way to maintain privacy. As we get older, our hearing has a way of diminishing. A relative may have to turn up the volume on the television or speak louder than normal. On the same note, teenagers also like to turn up their music and television, which can be disturbing for someone older.

LIFESTYLE It is so important for our parent’s generation to maintain as much independence as possible. Providing a comfortable space, which offers not only a bedroom but also a kitchenette and dining/living area, goes a long way in maintaining a supportive lifestyle for aging parents.

ACCESSIBILITY Bathrooms are now being built based on a concept called universal design, which offers specific features to accommodate people regardless of their age or physical abilities. Universal design is not only adaptable for anyone with decreased mobility but is also beautiful and elegant in its appeal. A spacious, curbless walk-in shower is the safest and most accessible option and should be big enough for anyone using a mobility device. Installation of a hand shower is another great feature for an aging relative. Choosing vanities and countertops with rounded corners reduces the possibility of injuries.

LIGHTING Natural light from windows and plenty of ambient lighting keeps a lower level living area bright and airy. Proper lighting design makes reading and computer tasks much easier for anyone experiencing changes in their vision. Having an aging relative live with you can be a great option, especially if you decide to have your basement renovated into a spectacular lower level living space to suit their needs.

HERE FROM A RECENT CUSTOMER We needed a new in-law Suite to accommodate our aging yet independent parents. We wanted function, but also a beautiful design and the project was time sensitive since our parents wanted to be in their own space for the holidays and to stay on budget. Sounds impossible right? Given this type of work required a highly skilled team of professionals to take our vision and design and build our basement from scratch, we researched and met with various contractors.