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Basement RemodelThe-Fairways-at-Edgewood_Carriages-Collection_Ashkirk_Basement_4_1800

Finish your basement to increase living space and create a versatile area for entertainment, relaxation, or rental opportunities.

Kitchen RemodelKitchen-renovation-durham-region

A kitchen remodel beautifies and enhances your home, increasing its value and improving cooking and entertaining experiences.

Bathroom Remodel63e8544cf115fa1b2e082d8f_white-freestanding-bath-in-cave-inspired-bathroom

A bathroom remodel enhances your home with a luxurious spa-like escape and increased property value.


bcr-design-build-learning-hub Learning Center

Learning Center Get access to valuable resources to assist you with your home remodeling, completely free of charge.

Create a functional living space you're proud to show off.


At BCR Design Build, we've been helping Durham and Toronto homeowners transform their basements, kitchens, and bathrooms into dream spaces for over 20 years.


Pride in Every Corner

Experience the Satisfaction of a Beautifully Functional Home.


Embrace Comfort

Discover the Joy of Living in a Home Designed Just for You.

Modern kitchen

Energize Your Life

A Home That Lifts Your Spirits and Invigorates Your Days.

Bathroom after 2

Harmonious Living

Experience the Balance of Beauty and Functionality in Your Home.

Does Your Home Feel Disconnected from Your Lifestyle?

An outdated home can negatively impact your daily life and well-being, leading to frustration and anxiety.


Outdated Kitchen with Inefficient Layout

Limited cabinets and counter space can make it challenging to store kitchenware and prepare meals.

Insufficient Storage and Workspace

Limited cabinets and counter space can make it challenging to store kitchenware and prepare meals.

Inefficient Use of Your Space

Awkward layouts and limited space can hinder functionality, making it difficult to entertain guests or spend quality family time.

Outdated Design and Decor

Dated interiors can make your home feel uninviting and do not reflect your current taste or lifestyle aspirations.

Limited Space and Poor Layout

Small, outdated bathrooms can feel cramped and need more adequate storage, making them less functional.

Neglected Basement

Many basements become storage dumps rather than functional spaces due to their outdated condition.

Rediscover the Joy of Home

BCR Design Build has helped over 700+ homeowners in the greater Toronto area transform their outdated Spaces into Modern Sanctuaries

Enhanced functionality of your home

BCR Dsign Build can help transform living areas into spacious, well-organized, and inviting spaces that are perfect for both relaxation and entertaining.

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Modern kitchen

Modernize your bathroom look and feel

BCR can update the decor to reflect current trends while keeping the homeowner's personal style in the forefront.

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An inviting and efficient kitchen

Renovations allow you to tailor your home to your specific needs and preferences, enhancing everyday comfort.

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Kitchen remodel durham

Updated look and feel to your home

Redesigning the bathroom layout to maximize space and functionality, even in confined areas.

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Upgrading to energy-efficient appliances

Introducing modern, energy-efficient appliances and stylish fixtures to enhance the kitchen's functionality and aesthetic.

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Modern kitcnen3

Optimized Use of Space

Remodeling can turn previously unused or underutilized areas into functional spaces, like transforming basements into family rooms or home offices, maximizing the use of available space.

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The BCR DESIGN BUILD dream remodelling process

Step 1

Schedule a design consultation

  • Whether you're looking for a basement, kitchen, or bathroom remodel, your first step is booking a consultation.
  • After filling out the consultation form, we'll contact you to schedule your initial consultation.
  • If the work you're looking for matches with our expertise, we'll schedule an in-home consultation.

Step 2

Design and build

  • After we have a signed agreement, we'll start working with you to design the ideal space.
  • You'll select your materials and be able to visualize (through drawings or renderings) what your space will look like.
  • Once approved, we'll begin building. We handle all the permits for you. You'll have access to a special project portal so you can track progress.
  • A dedicated manager will oversee daily operations, maintaining open communication and ensuring smooth progress.

Step 3

Get the functional, beautiful home you’ve always wanted

  • See your vision come to life as your newly remodeled space is finally revealed, offering a fresh look and enhanced functionality tailored to your lifestyle.
  • Your home is now a reflection of your personal taste and desires, designed to provide both comfort and elegance, making every moment at home more enjoyable.
  • Your transformed space is not just a place to live; it's a backdrop for future memories, gatherings, and moments of joy with family and friends.

How much would it cost to renovate my home with BCR DESIGN-BUILD?

1000 Sqft Basement



Small kitchen remodel



Small bathroom remodel (5' x 8')




Explore Our Resourceful Home Improvement Education HUB

Find the answers to your home renovation-related questions through the resources in our Learning Hub.


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FAQs About What Is It Like Working With BCR.



The 6-Step Manual To Transform Your Dusty Basement Into A Private Sanctuary (For Less Than You Think!)


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