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Finish your basement to increase living space and create a versatile area for entertainment, relaxation, or rental opportunities.

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DIY Basement Renovation: What to Consider before Finishing a Basement

DIY Basement Renovation: What to Consider before Finishing a Basement

Basements usually have a bad reputation among many homeowners because they don't have access to natural light, making the space feel dark and unwelcoming. These rooms can also be unappealing to potential buyers because they’re prone to mould. 


Fortunately, you can increase your property value by finishing a basement. This investment also allows you to transform it into an extra living area, like a home theatre, craft room, or playroom. 


If you want to ensure a successful home improvement and increase property value, this article will enumerate ten things to consider before starting a basement finishing project. 


  1. Flex Your DIY Skills


Basement finishing experts usually recommend homeowners hire professionals for plumbing and electrical works for safety reasons. However, you can DIY some basement renovation tasks, like building walls, adding insulation, and putting up drywall, if you’re experienced enough in these projects. 


Like other home improvement projects, you must get the necessary permits. Otherwise, you’ll encounter frustrating and expensive issues or delays.


  1. Create Safe Stairwells


Installing durable handrails can keep your basement stairs attractive and safe. You should reinforce the walls supporting the railings and ensure they stay in place after the inspector approves the work.


  1. Address the Room’s Moisture Issues


You can reduce moisture in your finished basement by diverting the rainwater from the foundation and checking if the bathrooms and kitchens have good ventilation to the exterior. You should also avoid opening windows during humid weather. 


Moreover, let your basement finishing contractors install insulation that allows air to pass through between the foundation and interior walls and floors. Never install a dehumidifier in your basement because it can worsen moisture issues. 


  1. Know How to Finish the Ceiling


Experts recommend using drop ceiling tiles in basement finishing projects because you can quickly move them if you need to access pipes, electrical wiring, or other essential components. On the other hand, if you install a drywall ceiling, remember that the texture can eventually come off. 


When selecting a ceiling type for your underground space, remember that the ceiling’s highest part must be as tall as the lowest hanging pipe or wire. 


  1. Check Your Heating System’s Efficiency


You should call a reputable HVAC contractor to check if your home’s systems are the correct size for the upper and basement levels. Otherwise, it can reduce your equipment’s lifespan. 


  1. Test for Radon 


When considering a basement finishing project, you must check for radon, an invisible, radioactive gas that can enter your basement from your garden’s soil. Leaving it unchecked can expose your household to the same amount of radiation as 200 chest x-rays annually. 


You can test for this chemical by getting charcoal-base collectors or calling a certified radon contractor. You can also reduce the radon levels by plugging holes or cracks and installing air vents. 


  1. Create an Escape Route 


When refinishing your basement, you must plan for emergency exit options like egress windows and hinged outside access doors. These windows must be big enough for a firefighter to enter and occupants to escape in an emergency. 


  1. Add Light Sources 


In your finishing project, you can attract natural light into your basement by adding windows and doors. 


  1. Choose the Right Flooring Option


Don't use solid wood when choosing a flooring option for a finished basement. Instead, use vinyl planks, ceramic tiles, and engineered wood flooring because they can withstand minor fluctuations in moisture levels. 


  1. Expect a Payback 


Refinishing a basement is a good investment with an average return of 75 cents on the dollar. It can also add more room for entertaining, storage, and bedrooms. 

Creating an Appealing Underground Space


Basements are long notorious for storing many homeowners’ unwanted items. You can transform it into a more appealing space by considering a basement finishing project and planning an escape route. 


If your house needs a professional basement finishing in Durham, call BCR Basements! We’re committed to making this home improvement hassle-free and ensuring your underground space is perfect for your needs. Contact us now!

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